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  • Blake Newborn


Our idols are important to us, I believe most importantly the first thing is that they bring us joy in every situation whether it is good or bad. Our idols are there for us when we have nobody else can be and they get us through the rough times and back into the good. Idols are our role models and who we look up to in hard situations where we aren't sure of what's going to happen or in situations where we feel that we can't really have an effect as to what is happening. No matter who your idol is never let someone criticizing them get you down because they can criticize your idol all they want to but they have not one bit of an idea as to what they've done for you. Never let go of what makes you happy just because someone else may not like who you seek your interests in, which is okay because trust me sooner or later you will make some amazing friends that contribute to your interests that is guaranteed to last a long time! You can't give up on finding those people who are out there, you're never the only person to have expressed interest in your idol there's plenty of others like you, you're not alone in any of your battles whatever they may be. I want you to hold that person that inspires you close and to never let them go, we all face battles that are different and holding onto your motivation is just another step closer to achieving success through your battle. Your recovery could be short or lengthy in time, the most important thing is to never give up on reaching your goals! Your goal could be small or big but as long as you keep your determination you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to! Take pride in the things that make you happy even if other people don't agree with it because only you can be you and you have an entire life to fullfill, keeping your mind in positive thought is going to make your journey altogether worth it! Think in the future from now when you have achieved the things you desired to do in your life so far even your ambitions, you can look back to the idol that inspired you and it may bring a tear to your eye to know that throughout the ride they were there for you and they never gave up on you but their influence stuck with you and look you made it now didn't you? Not only can you be proud that you've made it that far but all of us in the Teen Talk Hotline family will be proud of you as well for never giving up! Here we're all about helping anybody to fit in, everyone is welcome!


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