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Thoughts About School

Let's talk about school, being a current high school student I have a lot of thoughts and opinions to share. Feel free to drop your opinions as well! For any of you that take part in a student council which is basically the student government would know that even though we represent a student body we still don't hold enough power to voice some of our opinions. ​The first thing that I would like to mention is the fact that the education system is completely different now than it ever was before. We're not even learning the normal concepts of a scheduled class course. They take bits and pieces out because it may not relate to the standardized testing we take at the end of the year. All of our classes pertain to the concepts that are on the exams. I believe as students we are not known as numbers. What I mean by we are not known as numbers is that, the results we receive from that test does not determine whether we have a certain amount of knowledge or not. Why should we as students have to stress out about having good grades and struggle to learn complicated concepts just to be tested for 3 straight days at the end of our school year? Another thing is that the tests are sometimes a requirement to graduate from our high schools which only brings on more pressure. Our schools also stress the fact that we should try to at least figure out what we want to do later on in life after high school. I want to express to all of you that you do not have to have your life planned out yet, there is still time to figure things out. Outside of high school you may still be trying to figure out your career of choice which is completely okay! It is also okay to try something you may have never thought you would have liked, you never know what the future could bring and who knows you may like something you never knew was of your interest! Explore different careers and don't stress because you ultimately will still have the time to figure it out. Don't let your school rush your decisions, it is your life and your right to express your true self and take the time that you need until you are ready to pursue your dream careers! I'm not promising that it will be easy but I will promise you that it will be worth it when you can go to work everyday and say that you love your job! Throughout high school a lot of things will change and that's okay because it is a normal part of growing up. Don't give up on life because when we all look back we're going to be proud we made it that far, we may have places of our own and cars along with our families we start with our significant others and it's gonna be a great feeling to know you had the determination to finish out your high school years. Even if you have a career that doesn't require secondary schooling like college that's okay because its what makes you happy as an individual. College isn't for everybody and that's okay never let anybody make you feel obligated to go to a secondary school if you don't desire to attend one. Your choices are ultimately yours and I can't stress it enough that you should be doing what you have the fruition to go after!

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