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Technology Influence

How different would the world be without technology? I'm not saying that it is a bad thing because it is breath-taking to see so many inventions and where-abouts that come up in the headlines constantly. I just happen to catch myself looking at today's youth and frowning upon the fact that 6 & 7 year olds are carrying iPads and iPhones because when I was younger, I didn’t have access to these things. I was always outside playing in the hot summer sun or always going on some adventure where ever my creativity was taking me towards but nowadays I see it constantly that kids are staying inside while being consumed by their electronics. It just makes me realize that while technology advances in the world our generations to come are drastically changing too. This also relates to the subject of kids and teens developing several forms of anxiety for example, “FOMO anxiety” which is the feeling of missing out. Just think this feeling of missing out is because we all look forward to seeing what other people are posting on their social media platforms! Technology is always influential think of our phone companies competing with one another they’re always going for the top spot. Even our companies and corporations who sell tv systems, gaming systems, and other devices. They are always innovative in new discoveries and improvements! There is even the aspect of technology in schools, laboratories and heath care environments. Without technology the world would be a completely different place than it is now. There will always be the good and bad of new inventions but, technology is truly beginning to run the world changing many peoples view of society. I guess the biggest question is, how has technology influenced your lives?


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