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Teen Freedoms

As we are all developing into adolescents we earn more opportunities to do as we desire and overall we start to become more respected as a young adult. When it comes to freedom that is given to us it is all about being respectful and not rebellious or else we impact the outcomes of sacrificing our effort to keep that freedom. Now of course everybody makes mistakes but shouldn’t we all do anything we can to keep our freedom, the key to independence? In my opinion as a teen myself, I think that some of our biggest check points in freedom have come with age. I remember I began to earn the privilege of staying out later and having sleepovers with friends, also being able to go out with friends more often and their families but not only do we gain those freedoms, but when we turn 16 & 17 years old we have the opportunity to get our permits to drive and eventually we get our licenses as junior drivers. Driving is one of the biggest milestones we experience as an adolescent, this is when we begin to drive ourselves to events and we take on jobs. When we enter the work force it prepares us for what it is like in the life adult. Now of course these responsibilities are great to endure but guys never forget to put time aside to do the things that you love to do, don’t abandon your passions continue pursuing them! I wont promise that our journeys are going to be easy but it will be worth it in the end. Use your freedoms to get you on top of your priorities!


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