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Spread Love & Acceptance

When it comes to current issues we encounter in the world acceptance is a huge one. Acceptance is the act of accepting who someone is no matter what they wear, what they look like, or what their personalities reflect to be. We all are our own unique person and it is up to us to live up to our standards. Acceptance is the first part of beginning to build relationships with people in our environments, no matter where we are. Sometimes people are afraid of being their true-selves because they are harassed and bullied for displaying their true characters. If we took just a minute out of our day to stop and imagine ourselves in their shoes, Wouldn't we want to be accepted too? It's all about taking the time to think before we judge someone. Everyone has their own story that is just as unique to them as their true self. Rather than being impulsive why not be positive? When we begin to express our acceptance for others that, is when we can spread love. Spreading love can be a vital part of acceptance because when we accept one another that shows that everyone can be happy and feel welcomed without judgement. I encourage everyone just to give it a shot, use the good in your hearts to make somebody's day. A simple generous act could touch somebody in a way that you may never know but at least you will be making a difference for someone. Even if it is only one person, that is one more person who feels some form of love in their lives today thanks to a generous person like you who brought that light into their life today. Never go a day without acknowledging your importance, stay beautiful everyone!

#love #acceptance

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