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Kindness Is Key

Did you know that there is a day devoted to kindness? It is the 13th of November every year. What does it cost you to be kind? Nothing accept a few seconds out of your day to make someone else's twice as good. Kindness is Key. When we show kindness towards someone else it can have a gradual effect on them, you may never know what your act of kindness might do for some body else. Imagine that you are having the worst day at school, you are sluggish and tired from staying up late the night before studying and you drop your books all over the floor in front of your locker when somebody comes up to you using their generosity to help you out that would help make your day feel a bit more positive right? It would lighten your mood. So imagine if we all committed an act of kindness for one another, I bet a lot more people will be happier towards everyone else around them. It is sad to say it but for those of us who may have been bullied, kindness is also key in this aspect right? Sometimes the unkind people are the ones who need it the most. When we give the bullies kindness, they don't know how to act since they aren't receiving your retaliation or your reaction. You are showing the bully that their negativity won't affect your radiant happiness. In fact I believe that kindness and politeness are not overrated at all. They're underused. The power of random acts of kindness are so often underrated. Imagine buying food for a homeless person, how does that change their view point. Your act of kindness brings it to their attention that they are also people too that deserve love. No matter who we decide to devote kindness to in our lives, it doesn't matter as long as we are showing to one another that we are all worthy and we all value the appreciation and love we receive.


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