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C​ountless times I see many people who are terrified to be their true-selves because they, "Don't fit in" and they feel as if they aren't accepted by the outside world. This is all because of an issue that often times put others down for standing up when it is addressed. The almost world-wide issue is the topic of equality. How many times have you seen rallies or speeches on TV addressing the idea of letting others fit in who,"stand out"? The brave people who stand up to these issues do it because their beliefs are contrary to others' thoughts and how they approach these situations. I know that many others have different beliefs which is perfectly okay but why not grant others to be accepted just as we are, everyone is unique to themselves and I can't stress this any harder because the idea of being unique is the vital aspect of equality. When someone is seen as being different and they are judged for being themselves this is when the key to equality is taken away from them, they aren't seen as being included in being equal. Although we are all different in our own ways and we are all uniquely dedicated to our style, sexuality, beliefs, personality and families this doesn't mean that while we all possess the aspects of being uniquely ourselves we can't unite together and accept those who are different and make them feel welcomed in their own skin rather than faking someone that they aren't. The famous quote that we all most likely heard at least once in our lives is, "Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge me." this quote should be taken quite literally because without the prevalence of judgement and prejudice contrary to beliefs we may have, I believe that equality would be a subject that wouldn't have as many issues trying to fight for justice. The biggest advocate I have recognized is Lady Gaga, I have looked up to her as one of the biggest role models in my life ever since she began making music. Gaga openly admitted that she is bisexual and she has done plenty of things to express her individuality helping to express the feelings and fight for others along the way. She has participated in marching throughout multiple pride parades, she even has taken any opportunity she has received to speak of her support through interviews and acceptance speeches, she even has voiced support on live televised performances and she took the time to launch her own non-profit anti-bullying organization formerly known as the, "Born this Way Foundation". I'm sure that mostly all of you know Lady Gaga for one thing at least and that was her meat dress that she wore when attending the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards which was highly controversial. Gaga spoke about her reasoning behind wearing the meat dress by stating, "If we don't stand up for what we believe in and if we don't fight for our rights, pretty soon we're going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones." Deep meaning right? The meat dress was actually symbolism of Gaga's support to fight for the rights of equality. It doesn't stop from there! Miley Cyrus started the Happy Hippie Foundation to empower homeless and LGBT youth. She also believes that every single person in America should have the same rights. Miley has always been an advocate to fight for equality for everyone. Demi Lovato has also been an advocate of equality. Demi has fought for LGBTQ+ equality and also feminism equality for the same rights from a man to a woman. There are countless more people who support and fight for equality. I believe we all should empower each other and fight for all our equality together as a humanity instead of just only a number of people.


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