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Back to School Tips!

School. It's basically hell on earth. I know, I know. As a teenager starting my second year of high school, these past few days do feel like hell. Sigh. It gets tough, exhausting, and sometimes it gets to be too much that you take a day off to breathe, sometimes even more than one. (I've done so in the last school year at least three times… but that'll be our secret so shh!) But today! It's a whole new school year! Same pits of hell to spend eight hours a day in for almost 10 months every day... I'm cringing as I'm typing. Literally. But it's a new school year! A fresh start! New beginnings and all that jazz!

Last fall, I started high school… kind of a rough transition to be quite honest. My closest friends went to another high school with half of the kids I knew at my middle school and it was only a few of us who ended up going to my high school. It was having to hang out with friends who didn't completely understand and know me as deeply as a person as my other friends who were no longer by my side everyday, and having to meet new faces in new classes and adjusting. Tough at first, even tougher if you're super shy. It sucks, especially when you have this little thing called social anxiety hit you out of nowhere and all of a sudden it feels like if you even dare to step out of your comfort zone and try something new- you'll die.

Of course, you won't die. It's just a bunch of nerves and stress and a bundle of fears all up in your head holding you back from what you truly want to reach the stars for. It sucks cactus! And finally, after a long and boring start to this post today… comes the point of it. (If you stayed and kept reading- bless up because you're a part of my cool kids club now!)

I hate being dragged down or held back by my social anxiety. It's a bitch. I would go into details, but I'm really trying to make this a positive talk! Going into details would be downer! But the point is I never want any of you to feel what anxiety can do to one. And if you have- I don't ever want you to feel like that again. Ever. It's not something I would ever curse upon anyone or anything because it's just not fair and for all of you who struggle everyday, I am so proud because you make it through everyday and you get out of your house and go to school, go to outings, and you don't go all out sure, but you're making a damn effort! That's all you need to kick this bitch in the ass, trust me!

And since I want to be able to help other people, and I want to be able to say someday that I touched lives and that I wasn't just some loser who sat at home on the weekends and watched Once Upon A Time on Netflix over and over again (which I am proudly, but I am hoping I become more too) in honor of my very first blog post on Teen Talk Hotline (thank you Blake! Everyone, thank Blake with me! Especially for how lit the new website is and how hard he worked on it and is working on something to want to make a change. Much respect for him.) and the fact that school has started again for many of us, here are some tips from little ol’ me to help you throughout this school year!

I honestly hope all of you achieve your goals and get out there and work hard for what you want. Reach for the stars my fellow grasshoppers! It's never too late to start! Never. The stars are going to be there waiting for your taking as they have been for many many years!

This goes out to everyone, okay!

Back to school tips:

1. Get involved.

I know that getting involved might sound like a struggle when all you really want to do is just go to school and finish all of your classes and go straight back home. But… It doesn't have to be like that!

Join a club! My school has all kinds of clubs! Art club, environmental club, feminism club, Black Student Union club (who doesn't want to be a part of clubs like these where you are getting involved and trying to make a change?), Yearbook club. Even an Ultimate Ping Pong club! Never be afraid to go after whatever interests you. It might just end up being the best thing you ever did. Join your class of (whatever your class year is- mine is 2019) committee/club! You plan for your peers in your grade and you can take action, be creative, and have fun! Join a sport! There are fall, winter, and spring sports! Some go all year round. It's never too late to start. To you incoming high schoolers, be positive and believe that whatever you set your mind to, you can freaking do it! With this mindset you'll be slaying whatever comes your way!

2. Participate.

What I mean by participate is to actually act like you want to be in a class and learn and better yourself in that subject (whether you're already on fire and a stud or not) and show your teachers that you're willing to try. I personally don't really like raising my hand when it comes to volunteering to answer questions because I'm afraid of being wrong but just raise your hand once a week! It's a start and that's all that matters! It's all up to you! Don't be afraid to ask questions either, my teachers this whole first week kept repeating this! Ask questions when you need to because there is no stupid question my loves! (Unless you're that one kid with that actually very stupid question- we all have someone come to mind right?..) This is so important! We are the future! In order to learn and become our ambitions and dreams we need to know what we need to know! Ask away!

3. Stay a ray of sunshine!

I know that being a ray of sunshine and might seem obnoxious on television, but let me tell you, staying positive is for your OWN benefit. A bonus? You might not realize that you're actually making someone's day. There's this girl at my school who always talks with a chirp in her voice and walks with a bounce in her step! I adore her!! She talks so happily and she's so cute, she makes my entire day! Be happy and kind, and don't forget that your being able to smile at the end of the day is… beautiful.

4. Stay organized!

I'm telling you all to stay organized because when you're not… It's a mess. Last school year I was NOT the student who wrote everything in their planner, from homework assignments to class work and due dates! I took it day by day and I was a mess most of the time whenever I forgot stuff! Write down your homework and anything that's considered important to remember by your teachers. It helps so much!!

And lastly...

5. Don't forget about your mental health. Ever.

My tips are tips coming from experience. I know in reality school can be hard. Socializing might not be your thing. (It sure as heck wasn't mine.) And having so much homework will back you up into a corner sometimes where all you want to do is cry… These are what my days I took off last year were about. I've been there! Sometimes it took begging my mom until she cave in, and one morning I woke up crying that I didn't even have to beg. She immediately told me to go back to bed and make sure I rest (I love my mother). Just remember… No matter what your teachers say- they'll say (if you're taking challenging classes) that if you miss a day you'll get behind and it'll be hard to catch up or something like that, but guys- at the end of the day remember, it's all about that smile of yours still being on that beautiful face of yours. Your mental health is ABOVE all. NOTHING comes before it. NOTHING. And so I just want to say, if you need that day off… my love don't even hesitate to take that day off. You matter most.

These are my back to school tips and I honestly hope y'all take at least two because I want for you to have the best school year and have fun and enjoy this thing we call life! We are young and beautiful and it is our duty to enjoy it.

If you stayed throughout this long blog post of mine… thank you, it means so much!

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