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To me respect is a given when it comes to any kind of relationship or interaction. It's just one of those things I think that I'd like for someone to have towards me as I to them. I respect you. It’d be cool if you respected me too. “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Yes puhleaaaase! Amen!

I associate respect with kindness. Politeness. Having manners. Being genuine towards one another. Especially towards strangers, you know? I know you don't know them at all to have any ounce of respect for them, but it's the kind of respect where you’re to be kind and polite. Don't be rude. Don't be an ass. Respect.

To me respect is being kind rather than cruel. Being kind rather than a bully. Being kind rather than a shit talker. Being a lover and not a hater. Respect.

Respect is having all the right manners. When boys don't respect girls and are constantly being such misogynists in the way they speak and make fun of their friends, and they don't even know they're being just that. “You're a pussy!” “You cry like a little girl.” “You hit like a girl!” I cringe every time and wonder whether they can hear themselves. It's when girls trash talk each other over the smallest things. “She's such a hoe, she's gone out with Josh and Bryan and Kevin in just this month…” Like… Sorry, but hey there Jenny, didn't I hear you just broke up with Mario and Luke last week and are now with Brandon? Makes no sense...

It's so dumb! We all have our own lives that we like to live our own ways. Don't criticize another for their likings or the way they'd rather do things differently than the way you do yours. It's really none of your concern. Just do you B, just do you and trust me while those other people might show they hate you, they secretly actually do (lol)… But they hold a higher respect for you than you know. Respect. Respect everyone.

Respect your teachers. No? Why, because he gave you 15 pages of reading tonight? But what about the fact that you can name and define the scientific revolution, Copernicus, Galileo, and Newton, while reviewing your reading during the class the next day? Respect. They're trying to help you.

Respect your friends. No thanks! Why, because Jenny kind of called you out for missing most of class last week and is now bugging the hell out of you? Get over yourself. Jenny respects you enough to tell you the truth and want to help. Respect. (Also don't let that Jenny go.)

Respect your siblings. Nah… Why, because your sister told your mom you snuck out and also secretly took your phone back after your mom took it away as punishment? Little Suzy is looking out for you… She's five. Don't be mean. She might be five, but even five year olds can be the most wise.

Respect your boyfriend. Respect your girlfriend. No! Why? Because he won't respond to your texts right away? Maybe he's tired. Maybe he's had a long day and you haven't bothered to ask about it. Don't accuse him, respect him enough to try to see it from his view.

Respect your girlfriend. Nah. Why, because you saw her hanging out with Josh during lunch and laughing with Luke during chem? Get over yourself. Respect yourself and HER enough to know she wouldn't cheat on you. Respect.

Respect strangers (the non-creepy kind… If you see those or come across one please run the opposite way and quickly…). No! I don't know her/him! He might not be as cool as me! Yada yada, sorry, but when you go and you will (we all do) no one is gonna remember or care about how popular you were. Make friends with them. Be nice. They might end up making your life a whole lot better. Respect them. Be polite. Make conversation if needed to. Don't be rude. Be kind. *insert smiley face here*

That's what respect means to me. It's what I think of when I hear the word. It's having such a high thought of someone or something and to me I like to hold that standard for everyone, it's what I would like for everyone to have towards me. I don't want to be hated. I want to be respected. I want to be treated justly and kindly. Everyone should be treated justly and kindly. Kill ‘em with kindness!

R-e-s-P-e-c-t! Take care and TCB!!


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