• Jose Lopez

What Makes You, YOU....

Throughout life, whether adolescence, teenage years and into adulthood we often question who we are.

This question as daunting as it may be, has so much positive value but a world’s weight of negative fodder. We as individuals have to emotionally swim through Atlantic changes, climb an Everest amount of doubt & drive many roads unknown all in search of our true home.

Who are you and What makes you, you?

“Is it your voice?”


“Is it your hair?”


“No? It’s your eyes right?”


“Ok then it has to be your Religion!”



“Twitter or Instagram followers?”

Not even close!

“Where you live??? That’s a good one!!”





Keep guessing


Sorry..still NO

Then I’m out of reasons!!

These questions are damn exhausting aren’t they??

So let’s drop the mic on this guy & all these obscene questions for now and seek substance in what I call the “Sensibility of Life”

We all have a positive purpose, fact!

We all must feel & be equal NO MATTER WHERE WE LIVE, FACT!

We all are absolutely beautiful, fact!

We all are born the way we are, FACT!

As a beautiful friend once said,

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”-Maya Angelou

So I digress, the questions we ask ourselves constantly can at times be overwhelming. They can be scary fueled with a fury of the unknown; they can be downright hilarious like my first drag performance doing Mary J. Blige “No More Drama” or the questions of hope in a future of beauty inspired by selflessness, hope, compassion & faith that GOOD always prevails! Ultimately YOU have the choice to create your “Avatar” of life.

Your actions have reactions; will those be positive or negative? Can you even control the end result of your intent? OMG things are already getting so convoluted! I want it to stop and I wish I could report to you that it will; that this constant bombardment of personal validation ends. But that’s simply not the truth, because we are an organism of fluid movement and growth, we are the epitome and hierarchy of life in its most benevolent form. You may ask yourself right now; a bit perplexed trying to find the common denominator within the ebb and flow of this text, how it all makes sense?

The truth is, there is no logic to define one’s life under the eyes oneself. We were never meant to define, seek orientation or individual validation, whether through social atmospheres or circles, financial staples or who we love.

“The actions of true character need no honors, no trophies, no medals or goods. Never asked or forced, instead compelled.” JCP

“YOU” are anything and everything you want to be, there is no sticker of description on you but there is always a receipt of where you have been & the lives you've affected along this journey.

The Choice Is Yours….

#hope #love #individuality #compassion

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