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Popularity: the state or condition of being liked, admired, or supported by many people.

Not going to lie, but when I hear the word ‘popularity’ i think Regina George. But it’s not always a mean girl. It’s not always a bully with a pretty face and a clique to stand at her side and help her ‘victimize’ everyone and even each other. Popularity can be those kind faces. You. Me. Everyone.

People at my school don’t really ever admit that they’re popular and the reason is because they probably aren’t. The big idea of being popular is being known by everyone-or so that’s what we think. But obviously, it’s not possible. There’s always those couple of kids who won’t even know your name because they just don’t really care. But that’s okay. Being popular isn’t a very big deal to me. It’s not even a necessity in high school, really. Just be yourself, and it doesn’t matter how many people flock to you or how many don’t. As long as you stay true and are happy with yourself.

But you know- if you really want to be that idea of popular; the one of Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, you don’t have to have the cutest clothes or the most money. You just gotta know what’s up! And by that I mean, please be kind. And cool. As in the kind of cool where you’re totally comfortable with being yourself and you can let other people see the kind of cool you possess. That’s where friends come from! We make friends by letting others see us for who we truly are, and bless their souls that they like us enough and our coolness to stick with us. You can be the most ‘popular’ kid out there if you show kindness to all those who come your way, and just be yourself. Don’t get caught up in all the hate or the anxiety of whether they’ll like you or not, because life's too short to spend precious moments worrying about something so insignificant. Just be cool. Be calm. Be yourself. Just be, my b (insert bee emoji).

You don’t gotta be Regina George (even though her character is iconic) or Blair Waldorf (even though she is Queen B)- after all their high schools years were full of nothing but pettiness.

So don’t get obsessed with the idea that all the teen movies show out there and make the word your own!


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