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When in Stress, there's always Rest

One of the worst things about being a teenager is that most of the time, we are under stress. We have too much pressure, we have deadlines, homework, reminders, too much to keep track of in too little time. It’s a lot. So you can imagine that when my weekdays are empty and I have no homework, not only will I be bored because I’m always working on something- I’m going to take advantage of my free day. The thing is, they don’t happen as much because the school year and my classes are constantly moving forward at a fast pace and it’s important to keep up and not fall behind, but there comes a time when it feels like your head is going to explode and the weight on your shoulders has come to just be WAY too much.

That’s when it is time to de-stress.

I always tell others to just chill and take a break and relax when they’re having a bad day, but I know that if I were told that, I would dismiss their advice because there’s just way too much to do and there’s no time for fun and chilling right now. But that’s not the point. The point is to give our beautiful brain and body a break. There comes a point when our bodies get exhausted. We are constantly being told to do all this extra stuff to get into a good college and get a good career that we will love, to plan the rest of our life after. We have to do good, help, be good, overachieve, do everything extra, make sure we eat and get enough sleep… but the last time I checked there are only twenty four hours in one day.

It’s not bad to relax every once in a while. Our mental health is so important, more important than that quiz you might get a bad grade on. If we don’t have a good mental health, how can you expect to be able to remember everything for that quiz when your mind is trying to remember and keep track of all the other things? We aren’t robots, we are human.

So these are ways I recommend to de-stress, and if not for an afternoon at least for a couple of hours. You’re not going to die if you take a break. You’ll come back better and determined to do what you gotta.


I love naps. Naps are life. A lot of the times I wake up confused because I feel like I have no idea as to what is going on, but the feeling I have when I wake up from one is so great. I’m more relaxed and at peace and the extra hours of sleep I desperately needed have my brain more alert that I can focus better on chemistry equations and whatnot. TAKE ONE.

2. Play some instrumental, piano music.

Instrumental music is my favorite. It is so peaceful and relaxing and if you’re hoping to de-stress, might as well play this while you’re studying or doing some homework. It helps you focus better that by the time you finish your work, you won’t even notice how fast the time has gone by. (I recommend the Harry Potter music because lit and its upbeat, but the peaceful and violinist instrumentals are also really good.)

3. YES you can watch Netflix.

Netflix, I recommend at least a couple of hours. Once they’re up you better be ready to get back to work. It’s so easy to fall into the “just one more episode” every 45 minutes but, c’mon… we all know it’s not just one more episode. But it’s okay to treat yourself to some Netflix and chill by yourself time; just not too much time.


I love writing; I want to be an author one day. Reading takes my mind off of everything and takes me into a world that doesn’t involve thirty page essays, deadlines, and that Spanish vocab test tomorrow. Creating art can be a great way to de-stress. Creative outlets are the best. Find one; it doesn’t have to be the ones I mentioned. It can be dancing, creating templates online, coding, and just as long as you give your brain a break from the organ and cells and the reproductive system.

5. Baths and hot chocolate.

Treat yourself. Drop that history book and study the French Revolution later; all you gotta know- liberty, equality, fraternity. (LOL if only) But seriously go buy what you’ve been craving lately or run a warm bath and relax those muscles; De-stress, my friends. It’s okay to take a break whenever you truly need it.

These are just some ways but there’s so much more and maybe you guys have your own and maybe you don’t like falling behind and then stressing about it later, but it’s not gonna hurt if you take maybe an hour at least off. I promise you won’t die.

Always remember that your mental health is the most important!


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