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  • Dylon Caleb


Respecting different opinions on what others think is something our world needs to focus on a little more. A good example is our election. Ever since it took place with Hillary Clinton and President-Elect Donald Trump, several of mean things have been happening with friends, families, teachers, and people themselves. Our world has showed several of different opinions, and I think we all need to just agree on something. Arguing and debating are two different things. Many understand that, but some fail to understand others perspectives on that person’s opinion.

We are all one in some shape or form. We need to know that I may not agree on something that someone else may agree on, and that is perfectly fine. That is how we debate and come to a conclusion with each other. If we didn’t have different opinions and we all thought the same, our world would be really boring. Having our own opinion is what brings new ideas. It’s what sparks new inventions, and debates with one another. It brings new “open doors”.

Respecting different opinions is sometimes hard, but their is always a way to agree with someone. We may debate that what they think isn’t right or true, but we all need to come to a conclusion on how that opinion would be good or bad. We need to take note of others views, and think about possibilities without arguing. If they have an opinion on something just nod and wait. Then after they have stated their opinion tell them about what you’re thinking. Maybe add onto it, or add your opinion.

Thank You,

Dylon Caleb.


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