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How to Gain Confidence

Confidence is an amazing and helpful trait to have but not many of us have it or most of us are too doubtful in ourselves. So I am going to give you some tips to help you that help me!

Tip #1: Get a mirror and compliment yourself on how good you look.

I do this ALLL the time! It might sound a bit cheesy but it helps more than you know!

Tip #2: Pretend everywhere you walk is a catwalk!

I absolutely love this tip from me to you! Who cares what people think about you or what you wear?! Work everything you got because we are all beautiful.

Every person has a different sense in fashion/style, so do not criticize what others wear if its different from yours.

Tip #3: Write self loving notes to yourself and save them for later when you don't feel confident.

This works a lot to some people and there are multiple ways you can do this such as-

a: Writing the self loving notes and hiding them in places where you know you will find them


b: Write the self loving notes and tape them in an area in your room or around your house

Tip #4: Look up quotes!

Looking up inspiring/empowering quotes will help boost the confidence of any person depending on what kind of quote it is! Try looking up positive quotes rather than the negative ones to avoid any type of doubtfulness, sadness, etc...

Tip #5: Take a bunch of selfies.

If you "practice" taking selfies you will become used to your facial structure of your face and you will start to become more comfortable in your looks which leads into being very confident!

There are many more tips that I could give you but I think those 5 will do for just now! If you want more tips on how to become more confident, leave some feedback down below or message @TeenTalkHotline on Twitter or Instagram!

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