• Blake Newborn

Why Kindness is a Big Deal

Has anyone of you ever wondered what kindness is? Do you use it the most out of any other option?

Well just incase you don't know, kindness is the act of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Everyone should use kindness over any other option because being kind has its own perks towards you and other people. But how can you spread kindness one may ask? Here are several options on how to spread kindness:

-You can compliment someone

-You can spread kindness by just simply being nice to one another

-You can help someone do something

-You can just simply start a conversation

Lets get to the part why kindness is a big deal though. Kindness is very important to use on a daily basis. Here's why:

You definitely won't know what other people go through in their personal life. There could be a lot going on or there could be not so.

Using any form of kindness will end the cycle of hatred. Ending the cycle of hatred is absolutely great because you won't be continuing the hatred going on in the world today.

It will make everyone's day much much better. Who knows someone could be having a bad day so far and you could simply make their day better by being kind towards them.

Kindness will also spread the love in humanity that it is meant to be.

Like I said earlier, kindness has its own perks towards you and other people but what kind of perks does it have?

Being kind towards someone gives you that feeling of doing something good that day.

Kindness may heal you. Studies have proven that if you are in pain, the best way to heal from your pain is to use kindness and love.

You can use kindness in any conflict you may have because it makes you look like the better person.

Letting yourself use kindness would make you and any other person much happier.

Kindness would also reduce some major stress on a person that they may have.

Researchers and studies have also proven that using kindness on a daily basis will improve your life span.


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