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We are all Human, Stay Humble

A note from the unsaid of being humble and human:

During many years of hatred, I feel as if it is time for all of us to come together to unite as one. We all need to realize that all our souls live in the same body as others despite many shapes, sizes, color, etc.. We all are human. Humans make mistakes. Humans aren't perfect. For some, they may think they are better than others. My advice for those some of people: Always remember you live on the planet just like everyone else.

In some parts of the world, there are less fortunate people. In other parts of the world, there are more fortunate people. But why do the people with more fortune keep it to themselves instead of sharing with the less fortunate? I am sure that it would not be that big of a deal seeing how the more fortunate people will have plenty left over from sharing just a tiny piece of it to the less fortunate.

To see how some humans can be is truly heartbreaking. I know humanity is not supposed to be like this. Humanity is supposed to have meaning behind all of us being humans. We are supposed to help those who need the help. We are supposed to give back. The true meaning behind living on Earth is to be a human, nothing more...nothing less.

Those who do have the power to make a positive difference but choose not to...why? Why don't you want to make the planet a better one for everyone else? What could be bad about that? Those who do have the power but use it to the wrong advantage...why? You do realize that you are making everything much worse for someone else but you don't realize it? Every single decision you make can possibly affect someone else.

At the end of everyday, we all will sleep. At the end of every life, we all will close our eyes.

No matter what race, sexual orientation, gender identification, religion, etc...WE ALL ARE HUMAN!

#Important #Humble

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