• Anonymous

Open Letter to my Bullies

I have been bullied and I simply want to write this letter to discuss how they really affected my life. This letter is not to belittle them but rather to just maybe prevent it or inspire others with it. I don't know if this letter would but its worth the try.


Whenever you saw me in school, how did you think of me? You thought I was different or an outcast from everyone else who appeared to be normal. I just want to say that there is no normal. I may have been different from everyone else but that's a good thing right? You thought it was a bad thing. You made me feel like I wasn't worth the life that I had. There were many days I would just come home from school and go into my bedroom to cry. You made me cry. For every word and action you did to me, there was one more teardrop rolling down my face. I am sure you were going through a lot but why did you put it onto me? I already had enough but you always found a way to add more. It was like... I was in the ocean and there were weights being added to the chains that were pulling me down. Trying to make me drown or to give up because it was too much. You were the chains and the weights. You wanted me to give up. All I can ask is why? Why me? Why did you make me feel the way I did? I just hope you are doing good in life and not treating anyone else how you treated me. I also really do hope no one will ever make you feel the way you made me feel. That pain can really hurt someone especially at a young age. If my bullies are reading this letter now, please know that I am doing better and I will forgive you.

With my love,


Today, I now suffer anxiety, depression, and PTSD from everything I went through as a teenager. I am at the age of 22 and I still suffer. Bullying is not cool and just because it may seem like someone is different...don't point it out. Be the one to be different with them. I wish whenever I was young, I could have someone who was my friend.