• Blake Newborn

Your Jokes Have Limits - A TREND

With certain jokes, some stuff just CAN'T be said.


But most of you should know about the current situation going on with Logan Paul or at least heard about it. If not, we are going to make it simple for you. He joked about suicide in a video to his young audience.

Coming from a youth platform, we are against that. Joking about suicide is something that no one should do. People who are going through so much pain in their lives need supported and that one friend that could save their life. Instead of Youtubers making jokes about a mental illness to millions in audience outreaches, why not use your outreach to end the stigma around mental illness and HELP people that are going through so much that they would end up taking their own life. Joking about mental illness is only teaching the young audience that it is okay when in all reality its not. Mental health is on the rise and we need to educate the youth about having limits for making jokes. not encourage them to be making the heartless jokes.

#YouTubers #MentalHealth #SuicidePrevention