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Taking care of yourself even when you feel like you can´t

Sometimes when you are having a bad week or even month, it may seem hard to take care of your body, health and mind. Maybe because you´re busy , stress out, simply tired or you just can´t do it. Here are a few points that i would like to remind you.

-Drink water, stay hydrated and if it feel hard to do it maybe try a lemonade o fruit like watermelon.

-Take a relaxing bath or a good shower.

-Listen to your favorite playlist.

-Remember to eat at least three times a day or five light meals during the day. And try to keep it healthy

-Go outside If it´s sunny, go get that vitamine D.

-Exersice or strech your muscles.

- Make sure you are having enough sleep.

- Watch your favorite movie.

- Get cozy, make yourself comfortable in your favorite blanket .

- Take your medicines if you have to.

- If needed take a day off work or school. You don´t need to explain yourself first is your health

- Get out of bed and do something that you be proud of doing like playing with your pet.

#SelfCare #MentalHealth

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