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  • Blake Newborn

I Have a Confession.

My life is not all perfect. It is actually more like a roller coaster.

I have always been the person to help others but when it comes to myself, I don't know how. I struggle with depression. It is an everyday battle for me. Some days I win but some days are like a living hell. I created Teen Talk Hotline through my experiences of being bullied to help others with many conflicts going on in their daily lives. I present myself as this person who is always positive and active with raising awareness on many different topics to empower others. Many people think that since I am the founder of a platform...I don't necessarily go through most of those things that I raise awareness on using this platform. However, I do. I do go through a lot in my personal life. Am I ashamed to say that? No, I am not. It is apart of life and one day I will look back at every moment to say I won for good. There are some days that I am able to hide how I feel by putting on this fake smile and pretending to be happy. Then there are some days that I have this look on my face of pure exhaustion, sadness, and just sick of the world. I'll admit it, I work really hard and sometimes I don't have me time. Which that is probably something that I should focus on. But I push myself to do what I dream of doing as my career which is to help the person reading this right now. I know one day, all my struggles will be worth it. At the end every day, everyone goes home to their personal lives and we may not know what they go through. I am the founder of Teen Talk Hotline and I do suffer from depression.

It is time we all open up and show some emotions. I know I am being vulnerable by posting this but if it is to help you know that you are not alone...then it is all worth it!

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