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We Fight For Gun Control

"Generation Z will change the world"

Gun violence plagues a lot of countries and it has always seemed to be a problem in the places I've grown up. An epidemic, an untreatable disease that kills those that mean the most to you. You never expect it to happen, you never expect to lose your loved one to a bullet from a gun, it's not something you sit and imagine but it happens over and over and over again. If you've ever lost someone important to you, then you probably already know how it feels, and if you have not then you cannot possibly imagine the anguish. It happens on the streets of some neighborhoods every day claiming the lives of those young and old. Stripping their families of milestones, laughter, and tears. It doesn't only happen on the streets, representatives continue to allow massacres of congregants, festivalgoers, children trying to obtain an education, just everyday people enjoying their lives and minding their business. But, I'm not surprised because as long as there is cash in their pockets, an income from those who fund their campaigns, they do not mind the blood on their hands. Hundreds of thousands of people lose their lives every day to this form of violence, everyday people are injured yet nothing ever changes. "This is a day I pray never comes"- This is all we ever hear from government officials after senseless shootings yet, in reality, they do nothing to prevent it from happening. How many more times do we have to send thoughts and prayers to grieving families and friends? Time is up! Until now, we've done nothing but get used to what's going on, we've done nothing but habituate to the headlines and send our thoughts & prayers when things go horribly wrong but everything is about to change. Raise your hand if you believe enough is enough, if you believe things have to change, that the situation must improve, that the narrative needs to be different? Wait... does everybody have their hand up? Because they should.

As a country, we must halt the gun epidemic because there is no parallel anywhere else in the world. We must fight the politicians who continue to be unwilling to act, to control weapons, to regulate them. We must boycott the NRA and refuse to support corporations that haven't severed ties with them. Politicians accept millions from the National Rifle Association every year, with complete disregard for people's lives which may I add are worth more than any amount of money received because gun companies are not more important than the lives of civilians. This is no longer a partisan issue, this is about defending lives, about common sense gun laws. The right to carry and conceal a weapon is not more important than a child's life neither is it more important than adults' lives. Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Umpqua, Orlando, Sutherland Springs, Las Vegas, Marjory Stoneman Douglas: These are only a few of the atrocities that have occurred and I can barely think about the latter without it making me mad. It is past time for a change and people like me will ensure that senseless and needless act of gun violence can and will be prevented. Inaction has caused a serious issue and it is time to fight for what's right. I stand with all those who are survivors of gun violence, I stand by all those affected, I stand with the countries who are yet to eradicate the issue. Those who lost their lives have not died in vain because we will march, we will protest and never again will another mass shooting occur. Generation Z will change the world because there is no such thing as "too soon" to talk about gun violence- there is only "too late".

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