• Kanyia Charles

The Other Kid

Have you ever felt like you were always that "other" kid? You know, the kid that is always picked last. The leftovers, pretty much. Or you're the friend someone makes in the beginning of the year before they start making their own friends and then forget about you? Well, that's me. I was always the other kid. That kid who always wanted friends, but whenever she tried, it just never clicked. I always felt like the weird kid. The "weird" kid. Like whenever you tried talking to them, you somehow always fall into that awkward silence? Or they just keep on looking at their phone seeming very uninterested? That's what I would always get. I don't get that instant eye contact or that engaged conversation.

When people tell me that I have inspired them, truly, inspired them. I go speechless. And it's weird because I actually get it a few times. However, each and every time I have no idea how to react. Mainly because I'm not used to that sort of treatment. Being noticed for once. I have such big dreams in life. But it seems like in my head, they're only just dreams. I always imagine giving a Ted Talk or writing my book in some exotic country, maybe even practicing my lines for my next huge movie. I think about it all of the time and I want to pursue it, however, in the end I always felt like they were always just dreams. I guess when you've been pushed along the shadows for your whole life and never getting any spotlight, having a big dream like that seems realistically unimaginable. The difference is however, I know I can do it. I have it in me.

I'm not the popular kid. I'm the other kid. When it comes to being noticed for my talents, things aren't just handed to me. Thankfully, I don't have the same mindset as I used to before. Where I thought that I have to search for a career path "within my range". The things that I see myself doing in the future will no longer be just dreams. They're goals. In this post I make it seem as if being the other kid is such a bad thing when really it's not. There are so many opportunities for us. Society needs us because we're different. We're the other minds. The other personalities, the other voices. We know how it feels to be on the outside of everyone else.

There are so many people out there who feel like being on outside means that they aren't worthy. Or that no one cares. Let's be honest here, today's society is so basic and corrupted. There is no sense of individuality. And they hate what they can't understand. I think that one of the main things we need right now is diversity. People who see life in a different angle. The wallflowers. We need more of those, more of us. Do things independently if you need to. Reach out for yourself. Your presence in this world is power. Use it to your advantage, use your voice to your advantage. And once us outsiders realize our potential and the impact we can make on today's society, being the "other kid" wont seem so bad anymore.

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