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  • Victoria DuCharme

Little Things You Can Do to be a Fractionally Better Person

Sometimes when life weighs down on you, you feel like you're a horrible human being. Here are some things you can do to ensure that you're not as bad as you think you are.

1. Listen to the People You Care About

  • Are you listening to what they are saying or only planning what you're going to say when they finish speaking?

  • Do they need to vent or do they need advice? Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to rant and recieving, "Well, I think you should do___."

  • Are you remembering the little details that are important to them? Like, have they told you repeatedly that they don't eat meat or don't like desserts? Or which co-worker was rude to them that one time?

2. Set Boundaries

  • If you don't set boundaries, people will never know something is wrong. A lack of boundaries can lead to resentment for all parties involved.

  • Make sure to speak up if you don't feel comfortable with something!

3. Communicate

  • Are you confirming those dinner plans with friends? Are you texting your roommate when you're having someone over? Are you making financial expectations clear with your partner? Does that event you're going to cost money? Should you carpool and split gas?

  • Communication clears up problems before there's any problems to solve!

4. Say Thank You

  • A thank you text, note, dinner or gift can really make a difference in how you or someone else feels. It's nice to be appreciated!

5. Be Flexible When You Can

  • Life happens. Sometimes someone can't make a deadline or make it to a meeting.

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