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  • Claire L. Smith

Never Underestimate Your Power as a Young Person

IMAGE SOURCE: @AMarch4OurLives with @ThePincause

With the recent #MarchForOurLives campaign, it has become more apparent that young people have the power to speak, to advocate and to fight for what they believe it right. Seeing so many young people making powerful and passionate speeches on March 23rd, inspired me as a young person that I don’t need to wait until I am an ‘adult’ to start making a difference or to start speaking up.

I believe our some of our older generations ,(and unfortunately, governments) underestimate how much experience we have and how much we know. I’ve just turned nineteen and I have experienced domestic abuse, sexual harassment, depression, anxiety. I know my rights, and, to their horror, I know how to speak, and I know what I am talking about. Yes, we may not have a lot of experience in the workforce or in life, but we are not blind, we are not deaf, we are not stupid, and we are not going to let others walk over us, or for us.

You have this power as well, no matter where you live or who your parents are, you have the power to stand and speak up about what you believe in.

YOUNG PEOPLE TO INSPIRE YOU (from March For Our Lives and More)

EMMA González

NAOMI Wadler

RYAN Deitsch

MALALA Yousafzai

Everyone At Teen Talk Hotline

You! (yes, you)

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