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  • Angel Lee

Subtle Self-Care Tips

1.) Stand up and take deep breaths.

When dealing with depression and worry, we usually feel completely unmotivated. Stereotypically but also realistically, we tend to just watch Netflix for hours in bed because of the extreme hopelessness. For me, I get nauseous easily from staring at a screen for too long, so standing up every half an hour is refreshing and regulates my heartbeat and breath. Taking deep breaths improves the cloudiness of your mind and keeps sanity floating around.

2.) Make playlists and let music play constantly.

I'm a music fanatic- if it wasn't for music, I'd rather be dead. That's why I have over 10 playlists of songs for the different emotions I experience throughout the day. They vary from depressing music to songs that I can scream every lyric to in the shower. I find ease when making playlists because for once, it feels like I have control over something that can improve or benefit my mood. With music playing constantly, I feel more sane and like I have something to hold onto when nothing else is working out.

3.) Clean your room or a living space.

This often serves as a great distractor and keeps you busy reorganizing things. With busy hands, your body seems to be in more control than your mind for once. Plus, it gets you moving and has a fantastic result. Personally, I get extremely anxious when my stomach starts turning after everything I eat, so moving around the slightest bit relieves my anxiety a bit.

4.) Cry if you need to.

Don't hold it in because you want to seem like you're held together. I'm sure we've all heard from society that crying isn't a great thing, but to be perfectly honest, anyone that knows what anxiety and depression feels like knows that crying feels amazing. It's a physical, nonviolent and almost peaceful form of venting as your body sort of releases all the tension and stress inside.

5.) Go on a bike ride.

This one's not super subtle, but with the wind rushing against you and fresh air being inhaled and exhaled, it's extremely refreshing and renewing. Go on an adventure through your neighborhood. Ride down a hill and feel the wind on your face. It's nice- trust me.

6.) Journal your feelings.

It doesn't even need to be in complete sentences. If you feel something in the moment that could be totally revolutionary, right it down! If a bucketload of hardships and emotions are being thrown your way by life, cry and jot it down. You're not the only one, I promise. Journaling your thoughts in the moment can also be a reference point to where you've been and how you want to recover.

7.) Tap along to the music you're listening to.

Use your fingers to tap to the beat behind a song. It's extremely distracting and satisfying to know you're moving with the music. You'll begin to notice things in a song that you never noticed before, which proves that you're much more focused on the song, rather than your emotions and mental issues. It's fun, subtle and simple.

8.) Scroll through your camera roll.

I have about 25,000 photos and videos on my phone. More than half of those include some of the funniest and greatest moments I ever encountered. Taking a trip down memory lane and bringing humor to my hopelessness gave me something to reminisce on and hope for. Once again, it's fairly distracting and will keep you busy for more than half an hour.

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