• Katie

Suicide: What it is and What Can be Done to Prevent it.

Suicide. The word is defined as the act of killing oneself intentionally; People try to avoid discussing it, but the topic is inevitable. What leads to the decision of suicide is a person's deepest fears and insecurities coming to light, making them feel like there is no other option but to end their life, but their is always another option.

One of the major causes of suicide is depression, an extreme loss of hope and worthless oneself; a simpler way of describing depression is severe sadness. Anyone and everyone can suffer from depression, even in the person who smiles the most. It can be hard to tell if some one is suffering from depression or is considering suicide so it is important to recognize the signs, such as:

  • Talking about not having a reason to live or feelings of hopelessness

  • Withdraw from their usual activities

  • Isolating themselves

  • Sleeping too much or too little

  • Feelings of aggression

  • etc.

If a person is feeling depressed or suicidal, one of the best things someone else could is do is show that they are there for them; someone who is feels depressed usually feels alone, that they have no one to turn to, letting them know that your there for them could help tremendously. In more severe cases, you may want to notify a trusted adult or the person's parents or relatives, being there and having their trust is important, but keeping them safe is crucial.

If a person has trouble opening up to you or others and is still having trouble dealing with their personal issues, you can suggest calling a suicide hotline, allowing the person to talk with someone while remaining anonymous.

Every life is valuable and has meaning. No one deserves to feel pain or sadness, but when they do, it is those around them that can have the greatest affect on them.