• Victoria DuCharme

Opinion of the Week: No More Labels

I did not vote from Trump during the 2016 election. I did not particularly like him then and I do not particularly like him now. However, I think he had the potential to do some decent things for our country (all presidencies accomplish beneficial and perhaps less beneficial things). I have my beliefs and my opinions and you have yours. I try and respect that.

I follow several liberal groups on social media and I have noticed something that I find quite disturbing. I see the terms, "trumpkins," and "trumpistas," and I was shocked. I was shocked because what so many liberally veering individuals had a problem with Trump in the first place, is that we viewed him as hateful and as childish. And what were we doing now? We were emulating what we had so feared and so dreaded and so admonished.

Yes, I admit that it sometimes frustrates me that someone may have different political perspectives and opinions than I do but that doesn't give me or ANYONE the right to name call. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE to call a group of people "trumpkins," "trumpistas," or "libtards" or "snowflakes," or any other derogatory (albeit clever) or rude names. When we generalize and label a group a people for their perspectives, opinions and beliefs and judge them and despise them for it, we only promote hatred and prejudice, concepts that many Americans do not want to promote to begin with.

I implore you to express your discontent as respectfully as possible, or at least, without the use of these damaging slurs. Stand up for yourself, but do so while evoking love (or tolerance haha), not hate.

And if you have done this in the past, although it is not okay, it is rectifiable. The good news is that you can change your behavior. I myself have used these horrible labels before and I am ashamed of it. We don't have control over how we feel about something but we do have control over how we react.

So let's stop using these labels. Conservative, liberal or anything in between, we are all human.

Respect and love to you all ❤

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