• Michael

Snapchat Memories are Becoming Reality Memories

In present day society, we are in a what is going to be considered a technological era. Like past eras such as the Renaissance, Napoleonic, and Industrial Revolution era there is always a reason and or social demand that is needed that pushes it on. As technology advances so does the increasingly popular usage of social media. Social media is the driving force of this “technological era,” almost becoming a demanding need for it. One of the biggest social media corporations that consumers, or people, use most is Snapchat. The growing popularity of Snapchat has allowed the corporation to expand it’s app to have a plentiful amount of features. Such as, drawing on pictures, streaks, and more. One of the biggest usages of the app is saving memories, which is one of the biggest problems with society today.

Being a teenager, I have personally realized that having a phone is almost necessary to not only me, but everyone. Being a technologically advanced civilization, people depend on fast communication, taking pictures, etc. But, as teenagers continue to get more and more attached to social media, speaking as a whole of today’s upcoming generation. we are quick to react to taking a pictures and posting it on our story and saving it to our memories to look at later or get a good laugh at what our friend did two months ago, but is that really a good thing?

Considering that our time on Earth is relatively short, and disregarding what religion a person has, we only have one time to see everything possible that Earth has to give. For example, if someone goes to, let's say the Grand Canyon, or even better the beach on a family vacation, the first thing people are going to do is take pictures, post it on their story, and save it to their memories so that they can see it later. What is that actually doing though? Instead of taking pictures of the scenery or taking selfies in front of the ocean, why are people not completely taking in the view or realizing that this is a one time opportunity? Coming from a lower class background, going on vacation is extremely rare and we wouldn’t go far if we did. I wish I could go back and instead of taking so many pictures, I wish, maybe I sat on the beach for that extra 10 minutes and watched the ocean, or felt the sun a little longer because time is so precious to where every moment it should be used. Another example would be a concert. Everyone’s first response to a concert is to record the entire thing, when in reality they aren’t watching the concert with their own eyes. The only thing that most people end up seeing is other peoples phone screens instead of the actual performer. Aforementioned, time needs to be used on other things to fully experience the situation that is presented.

The overall purpose of writing about this is hopefully to get teenagers to realize that life on Earth should be used as an experience that should be remembered rather than a memory saved on a social media app. No, I am not saying that you shouldn’t take pictures to look back on, but I also don’t think taking an hour on a picture should be where the time goes too. Time is short, and hopefully an epiphany strikes today’s generation on how time flies and experiencing what the world has rather than saving in memories is the way to go.