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Interview with Solo Recording Artist, Ricky Rebel

It has been such an insane month of PRIDE! Vive la LGBTQ+ community came out in droves this season from Mexico City, to LA, to NYC and Pittsburgh I got a taste of all the fruits one could only dream of! One thing that blew my mind this season was all the brilliant international superstars out and about showing pure rainbow colors in a fashion that reckons Stonewall 1969. I have seen Troye Sivan and Leland at their very first Pride performance and let me say that it took my breath away. If you haven’t booked your ticket for the Bloom Tour, you better!

My mission lately has been to throw myself directly in the grassroots of our LGBTQ+ family and let me tell you that I was floored! This is the most energize group of brilliant and compassionate people I have ever met in my life. From all walks of life these people are Chefs, Servers, Singers, Musicians, Moms & Dads as well as FAITH LEADERS. Human beings from every corner of society you could imagine and THEY made me a believer this Pride month. I HAVE HOPE! So I reached out to some of my friends in the industry who are paving new lanes that are all inclusive and one was international super rock star Ricky Rebel! He from a young age has been a trail blazer in regards that he has never taken “NO” for an answer! This super sweet man and brilliant artist is the vision of openly gay artists of tomorrow! Check out what he recently had to say. Also download his new single "The New Alpha" ft. Tommy Joe Ratliff on iTunes & Spotify.

Over your amazing career have you ever wanted to change anything in your past, say coming out at a different time?

“I wish that I had started Ricky Rebel earlier in my career. I was discovered by Michael Jackson at a young age, signed to Madonna’s record label, and toured with Britney Spears. I was a lead singer in the pop group “No Authority” but all along I knew that I wanted to be a solo artist. I wanted to be like my bosses at the time Madonna and Michael Jackson.

When the pop group ended people told me that I would never be able to be open about my sexuality and successful at the same time. I one day decided that I am going to prove them wrong. The world has shifted since then towards my side. I knew one day that being gay was going to be strength, not a weakness.”

As a member of the LGBTQ community, what does Pride month mean to you?

“Pride represents all of the struggles that we have had to endure since the dawn of time for being gay and I think about all of us that have fought the good fight for gay rights because they are human rights. As it stands it’s illegal to be gay in 74 countries and in 10 countries like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Iran it’s punishable by death. We still have a long way to go. I am proud to be an American gay and not an Afghanistan gay where people like us get thrown off of buildings because of Sharia Law. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done.” Since this article will be mainly for the youth of the world, what is the greatest piece advice you could pass on? Almost like a portion of your legacy?

“I believe that we are fostering a new kind of man/woman or better yet, human. A human that is more balanced than ever before. Masculine and feminine in equal measure. If you are a strong person that isn’t overly aggressive or a compassionate person that isn’t overly passive and used as a doormat, then you very well might be the person I describe on my new album “The New Alpha.”

My advice is to do what you love. No matter how hard it is. If you really love what you do then after all of the pain, struggle, and sacrifice, you will emerge the victor. You are only on this Earth with this body one time. You better make the most out of it bitch. Life is your runway.” Thank you so much,

Rebel xxxo

Ricky Rebel


Top 40 Billboard Recording Artist Ricky Rebel As Seen On Tour With Britney Spears.

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