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  • Elizabeth Lee

Cozy Evenings - a journey through aestheti c eyes

Just close your eyes and imagine with me for a moment. Let me take you away into just a moment of peaceful bliss in your mental state of thought. Just trust me...

You wake up. It is early, around six o'clock in the morning and below freezing, and you're wrapped snuggly in your thickly-made red quilt and your two-piece satin pajama set. You stretch your limbs as if to say, "Hello, world. it's me!", and you do a few head rolls to calm down your racing heart from the slight temperature change from the covers to the surrounding climate of the rest of your room. You then attempt to step out of bed onto the floor only the feel the rising cold hit the bottom of your feet before the step ever fully commences. You slightly jolt back in surprise and begin to search with your eyes for where you last left your fuzzy slippers. Finally, you spot them, make a bit of a desperate attempt to retrieve them without your feet being cold, and successfully do so. You stand up, feet warm, wrapped in your quilt, and you walk to your large window. The sight you see is tremendous. Your breath is taken away as you take in what is before you. Autumn. She is here. The trees have turned from a healthy shade green to different shades of vibrant wine reds, soft rose pinks, and warm copper oranges. The city of New York is such a beauty in the early morning. The sunrise, you finally caught him. You look up and the abstract spill of apricot and soft periwinkle fill the sky. God out did himself today. He filled yet another canvas with mastery and delight, like always. You are now inspired. You let that sight guide your feet to your closet and allow it to set the aesthetic of the day. You pick out a sweater of auburn, a scarf of amber, jeans of blue, boots of black, and a beret of cashmere. You shower in warm water and let it release the tension in your muscles throughout your whole body. You slip into ultimate relaxation as you let the sound of smooth coffeehouse jazz from your room speakers fill your ears with soulful happiness. As you prepare yourself, the smell of a Bath & Body Works pumpkin spice candle fills the room and circles around you. You stand, full dressed, smiling as a light drizzle of rain begins to slide down your window. You then shuffle towards your kitchen, dressed, and proceed to make a cup of steamy chamomile tea in a pale yellow ceramic mug. You take slow, long sips and inhale the therapeutic scent all while gathering your canvas backpack. That backpack is filled with a worn out leather journal, your phone, a multitude of black and blue pens with the outlier of one red, and everything else that you can imagine you would need for the day. The large peacoat hanging aimlessly on the coat rack beside your front door reminds you to bundle up as you grab the soft material. You button the large, black, four-hole, wooden buttons and rewrap your scarf to ensure immense warmth. Once you finally have everything in hand that you need, you take another long sip, grin at your cozy apartment, set the tea cup down, and close the door. You step into the hallway and it is just as chilly as you would imagine the outside being. With the almost rhythmic beat of your steps, you snuggle closer into your coat as you approach the door that will expose your body to nature's true elements. You push the door slowly. This is it. You are outside. Your goosebumps rise to the surface of your skin as you begin to lose feeling in the tip of your fingers and the tip of your nose. You love it. You love the city during the fall. The falling leaves, the changing colors, the busy and wet streets. You adore it all. As you walk, the rain start to pick up and hit harder. To protect yourself from the cold pellets of rain falling on you, you locate your favorite locally owned cafe. You run from crosswalk to crosswalk and finally make it to the coffeeshop. This shop is unlike any place else that you have experienced. This place is where weary travelers come to rest their feet for a while to enjoy jazz and a cup of something that warms their hearts. This is a place where professionals comes to take a break from the industrialized market to humble themselves with a scone. This is the place where aspiring artist come to write, plan, breakdown, and build themselves back up all over a large mug of tea. When you pull back the doors, a soft and calming saxophone ballad pours out of the doors like a tsunami of sound. The warmth of the coffee roast kisses your cheek and encouragingly invites you in. The crunch of the crescents tell you to, "Have a seat.", as if they have been waiting for you. The cafe is a bit empty. Just you, the baristas, and a few early birds typing furiously at their computer with a contrastingly calm demeanor. You order a cinnamon scone and a pumpkin spice latte to pay a simple tribute to the changing season. With your food and drink, you take your time to find a nice seat. You choose a floor seating area near a serene fireplace that stimulates a burst of passion. This passion leads you to write in that leather notebook. You write. You write for hours on end. Though the day is gloomy, there is light from the fire and the spark from the speed of your pen. Once you are finished, you breath out. Emotionally exhausted from the energy you just exerted. Your scone, left to nothing but crumbs. Your latte, nothing but an empty cup and a metal straw. You leave the space cleaner than when you found it and gather your things to make your exit once again. Where shall you go next?

You feel that? That's the energy of feeling at peace and comfortable. Don't let this season pass you by without taking a moment to realize the beauty of it. Never get so busy that you don't notice to leaves changing. Never get too busy to notice the sky and people around you. I challenge you all to practice mindfulness. Notice the pattern of your breaths during this season. Notice the way you walk. Pay attention to your body language. Meditate. And when you do, notice when and why your mind wanders and drifts away from you. Don't be upset if your mind does wander, but find a way to lead it back.

Crystal Focus- Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz is an overall cleanser of energy and keeps things balanced. This stone encourages wisdom, clarity of the mind, and creativity. Focus on positivity and productivity. Realize that crystals are not meant to change your life. Understand that they are not some magic force that alters the way reality works. In my life, crystals are simply tangible reminders of what you want to improve in yourself. They are things that help you remain focused on your journey of growth and mastery of the self. For me, it has nothing to do with my religion. My trust and faith in God is not lessened or threatened by my use of crystals, it actually strengthens my walk with God. But, for everyone the experience is different.

Affirmation: Let there be balance. I am able to accomplish what I need for today because I am determined to work things out with confidence, skill, and balance. Let there be balance.

Let me know what you guys want to hear! Email me at: with suggestions, advice that you want to here, or anything you want me to write about.

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