Who is Your Body?

My teacher once told me a life-altering adage. It went as goes, You are not your body, you are merely your conscious, treat your body how they deserve to be treated. Without them, you wouldn't be able to taste all of your favorite foods, see all of your friends and family, touch the fuzz of your favorite blanket. But how do you repay your body? Do you fill them with good food that helps them do everything you want to? Do you put band-aids over any and all bumps and bruises? How do you truly treat them? They deserve to be happy and healthy just as you deserve to be. So why do you people treat the only thing giving them life as if it was meant to be destroyed? I've always wondered, why we let our body take in all of the pain we encounter and sometimes even cause them pain ourselves. We owe everything we have to our body and yet sometimes we treat it as though they are nothing but a servant or a punching bag that does nothing but everything to appease us. But are we satisfied? We nitpick them, find their flaws, find the ripples of loose skin or lack thereof. We find issues with the only thing giving us life only because we are not truly satisfied with what we were given. Why? I have yet to find out. Although I'll never truly stop searching. But until then, all I know is that my body, she is amazing. She deserves all the joy in the world and she has done so much for me. I've treated her terribly before, but I'm making up for it now because she deserves better. I deserve better. And so do you and your body.

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