This is a Bad Poem

I tried writing a poem once When I was happy But It was the worst poem I had ever written

I learned My creativity is sparked by my pain The fire

That ignites my brain and heart That controls my emotions Apparently holds my creativity as well And my desires to create Is the fire the reason I can never go to sleep? That I stay up all hours of the night Just thinking About the fire And about the pain It holds oh so tightly onto That fire must be put out I just dont know how How do you tarnish a fake fire A fake fire you created To try and figure out how to explain Your pain To yourself And you are not doing a good job Because now youre stuck with more questions Because a fire destroys And yet its as if Your mind and your heart are the flames Holding everything near and dear to you As Well as all of the heartache and pain Until It burns you It destroys You can be built back from the ashes

But the fire wont rest Until you can extinguish it

And crack a smile

Thats real

Unlike the shotty metaphor of a fire

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