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  • Julianna Kustra

Pop Punk Is Pretty Rad: An Underappreciated Genre

Hello again friends! It’s Julianna coming at you with something different this month. I’ve been feeling a little run down and in a rut, but one thing has kind of saved me from that: PUNK POP MUSIC!

Pop Punk started in the 90’s with Green Day and Blink-182, and has progressive evolved as a genre, but still stays to its roots when needed.

That’s why I’m here today guys. I’m bringing you a list of 10 pop punk songs that sound rad and honestly have helped get out of my little funk.

  1. Circles –Yours Truly

This song has some groove to it( a dance-around-your-bedroom type of thing, ya feel?). I highly recommend it for someone who is going through a rough friendship, relationship, or time with their parents, because it honestly speaks to me when I get angry at my dad.

“Not gonna listen when you; Pretend to compromise; When they way you act ain't right; And I'm over it; Just seems a little ridiculous; We're all a part of the fight; Haven't you heard the news? It's time to change your views…”

2. Here Tonight –Oh, Weatherly

To best explain this song, I must compare it the “Check Yes Juliet” by We The Kings. Both of these songs are jams that you could belt in your room, chilling with some friends. Both of them also follow love stories where the guy is patiently waiting for the girl. It’s quite an easy listen and it puts me in a good mood with just one play.

“It's a shame; Growing up with the thought of what we had; But I still want you; I know you want me too; I remember the days when we'd stay up late; And we'd show and tell all our darkest demons...”

3. The First Time –Offended by Everything

Offended by Everything puts out some pretty chill music and this song definitely holds up to these standards. This song, to me speaks of a situation that a person has with a "friend" or a "friends-with-benefits". In they lyrics, it talks about it being like "the very first time" but "being over" and that the person was there to help them out of the darkness. It's a really good song to jam to because the music aspect has a faster tempo and even throws some curve balls at you stylistically.

"I confess that I; Can see right through your eyes; I know it's over, it's over; Just like a dream of mine and now I'm slowly feeling fine..."

4. Tell Me More –WSTR

I've come to really enjoy WSTR's sound. The lead singer, Sammy Clifford, has a voice that I find quite captivating, and the song "tell Me More" has a nice groove with a rockin guitar riff in the beginning. This tune is about a dude admiring a girl like a "goddess", but is too afraid to say anything. I think this song is great to play at a party, especially since it makes ME want to dance around my room.

"And I'll hang; In more ways than one; On your every word; It's more majestic than a god..."

5. Voldemort –With Confidence

This little tune is actually the song that I crowd surfed for the first time EVER to. I really like this song because it is essentially telling you, "it gets better." With Confidence is great band too with a variety of sound. Some of their songs can be slow and ballad-like, and others can be supper up-beat and head bang worthy. Please give this one a listen, I promise you won't regret it!

“And I will try to hold you up through those times when you are gone; Despite the weather, it gets better; You won't do this alone…”

6. Coffee Talk –Broadside

Broadside is a nice little pop punk group based out of Richmond, Virginia and quite honestly you would never believe it! Their sound really make you think that you're walking down the boardwalk in California with some skater friends. "Coffee Talk" is about the lead singer, Oliver Baxxter" and his girlfriend. The lyrics truly speak for themselves in this cute but banging love song.

“…it’s just that we’ve been up all night. Sharing stories of our past, empty vows of how you’d keep in touch, If I can always make you laugh. And all I wanna do, is just lay around with you.”

7. Dakota –Between You & Me

Strap in folks because this one is RUTHLESS. Dakota is a song that i like to listen to when I'm ticked off or I need a little pick-me-up. The song follows a guy who's ex totally throws him under the bus for her new guy. Apparently this always happens because once the chorus hits....OH MY JESUS SAVE US! He GOES OFF on her and tells her to "piss right off" because he's not having that negativity and immaturity. I highly recommend to anyone who needs a song that just screams "FU"

“I saw your boyfriend yesterday; He looked at me with the same face; Feels like I'm seventeen again; I guess not much has even changed; Since we were back in high school, talking every day; Does he still tell you I'll be sorry; If I ever even look your way?...”

8. Blonde –Waterparks

"Blonde" by Waterparks is an interesting piece, mainly based on my personal preference you could say. I am not the hugest fan of this band, but when I first heard this song, it got my leg bouncing and my head bobbing to the beat. According the the band's lead singer, Awsten Knight, it's about his depression when touring and the stereotype around blondes "having more fun". All-in-all, this song is fast and is SUPER catchy once you listen to it enough.

“I go blonde when I'm sad; Blew motivation I had; To make my still-beating something; Not hurt that bad; Haven't been home in some months; I haven't loved myself…”

9. Me First –Real Friends

Real Friends has really started to become one of my favorite bands right now, not only because of their sound, but also because of the amount of emotion is put into the lyrics and actual music being put out. "Me First" is a song, to me, about someone who is asking to be "put first" in another person's life, and is continuously getting aggravated by the neglect they are being shown by this certain person. I genuinely like this song because of the emotion you can hear in the singer's voice when you listen to it, as if he is performing to this other person. Overall, this is an excellent track if you are feeling a little left out or left behind by somebody or a group of people in your life. (But ALWAYS if you just LOVE pop punk)

“You disregard the consequences; Always seem to shift the blame; You burn the bridge and then I build it; Seems you're good at hiding… Reality…”

10. She’s Quiet –The Home Team

This has to be my FAVORITE track out of them all on this list. "She's Quiet" is a song i can strongly connect to because it is about someone who is emotionally and mentally broken from a past relationship. They try to start something new with another person who truly sees them for them, but they get cold feet. This song is announcement saying, "HEY I CAN'T DO THIS WITHOUT YOU. I"M READY. " I honestly want the world to hear this song because I love it THAT much but that's just not it.

“I'm better off saying nothing; But I get so caught up in it, so caught up in you; So here's to the first time I've arrived; With nothing left to lose; You should see what I've become; So obsessively lost in the way I love; It isn't like me though; To just lose control; Maybe I'll stay this time; Whether you had asked me to, I'm back into it; Ready your hand in mine; I could only get so far without your guide…”

And there you go friends. My TOP 10 POP PUNK SONGS that have gotten me out of my little funk. I have made a Spotify playlist with all of these songs and some more RAD ones mixed in there, so if you're interested go check them out.


Signing off,


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