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  • Julianna Kustra

The chain-smoking rhapsodist and The enticing sociopath

Part: 1

oh my

what the hell have you made me do?

i've never been quite this wayward,

not until you had shown your lupine,

as in adjective,


your aura, a confusing mix of colors.

i have told you,

there is a wildfire behind those eyes.

one that has an endless amount of fuel.

yet the more we interact,

i see a stressful sea.

one of wave full of anguish

and unforgiving storms.

so many men overboard.

you, though, the ship itself is


still sailable

still a ship


he whispers

like the long awaited

bitter winter wind,

"we'll see"

the internal battle i have within myself

is greater than any building

known to man.

with walls stronger than steel

and thicker than stone,

i say "hello" again.

for i instead was still and unmoving.


and although the time it took

to give me warmth and motion


was short,

i still had to pick up my glass body.

shard by shard.

and in that time i learned two things:

trust is only for those who

believe in it


people only come around at "convenient " times.

for it doesn't matter

what glue it is,

as long as the glass doesn't

break again


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