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Interview with Zero Hour

  1. Why was Zero Created?

  • Zero Hour was created because our founders, Jamie Margolin and Nadia Nazar we’re tired of our officials sitting around not doing anything about the impending doom that will happen to the earth. So they decided to start Zero Hour.

  1. What was the process of getting this organization started like?

  • Well, I don’t know how exactly it started but I do know that Jamie posted something about starting a climate March on her social media then Nadia saw and messaged her to start it. Then later they added Madelaine and Zanagee.

  1. What is your longterm goal with this organization?

  • The long term goal of this organization is to have many politicians to sign the no fossil fuel pledge. We also want the people that climate change is affecting the most to be in the center of the conversation. That means they should be organizing the organizations and making the speeches and that’s what we want to do.

  1. How close do you think you are to accomplishing that goal?

  • It will take a lot of work. We obviously have not gotten to all the politicians in the world but being able to have some politicians that we have lobbied sign the pledge is great. I think that climate change is the kind of problem that can’t just quickly solved. It’s about persistence in everything you do. Whether it’s speaking with politicians or being a vegan or composting, everything is about persistence. Zero Hour is still doing a lot of work. We have a bunch of actions and events coming up in the next couple of months so I would say we haven’t reached our goal. The goal for every climate justice organization is to have a safe and livable future so once that happens, then we will tech our goal. I would say that we are not close to reaching our goal though. Although more people are more knowledgeable about the affects of climate change we still have a lot to do.

  1. What are you actively doing to reach that goal?

  • We are very adamant on getting the youth engaged. We have our big education campaign: Getting to the Roots if Climate Change launching soon. This will allow all our supporters to reach out to their school groups or community groups which will help spread the word of our guiding principle and just get people to know about Zero Hour in general. We still have a lot more to do though so it’s never-ending.

  1. How do you spread the word of Zero Hour?

  • I think our social media presence is very strong. We are always posting and always retweeting and tweeting. One of our co-founders Jamie Margolin loves to tweet as you may know so we use social media a lot to our advantage. Also, my generation, gen z, loves to talk so being able to appeal to a younger generation allows a lot of people to spread the word about us through just talking which I think is really great. We also have director and sister groups always holding events. Whether it’s big are small, all of them allow more people to know about Zero Hour so it helps.

  1. Do you truly believe that government officials would even listen to a collective of teenagers?

  • Yes, we are the ones that they are making the laws for. We have to grow up in this world after they die. Some politician might not understand that, but that’s what Zero Hour wants to do. Hold them accountable for their action cause they are shaping the lives of the future. Sooner or later those who are in office are going to have to listen to us and they will we just have to keep yelling.

  1. What do you plan to do if they don't listen to/don't do anything to help the cause?

  • I don’t know. I have faith in Zero Hour. We are just a strong group of kids that have been through a lot. We get shot down a lot and criticized a lot but we know what we stand for and I know what we stand for. Politicians are not the only people we want to appeal to. We want to appeal to everyone and allow everyone the get to know about us. Hopefully, in the process, they can support us, but we are an organization for the people that, in the past, we not able to speak up. That didn’t mean that we will not lobby and rally the cause, believe me, we will.

  1. How can you get the whole world involved?

  • The world is a big place but coming together on one common goal makes it smaller. Our sister chapters are a great way to get the community involved. People can start their own or join one in their home town, but the further the Zero Hour movement spreads the better.

  1. What do you use the money from donations and merchandise for?

  • We use our money to fund our next actions and projects. That’s what every penny matters and we cannot do our great actions without the support of others so we are always asking people to donate and buy our merchandise.

  1. Why did you decide to name the organization Zero Hour?

  • Well, I wasn’t in the organization when the name was being made. I do know that the biggest reason is because this is Zero Hour. This is the time to act on climate change, anything late will be too late. I want my children and my children’s children to have a home and a safe place to live, so we must act now.

  1. How would you describe your organization and the movement in five words or less?

  • Just some kids making a difference (forget the a)

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