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  • Marissa Deville

Wishes & Dreams

I’ll never stop believing in heads up pennies on the ground. I’ll always stop to make wishes on dandelions. I still throw quarters into water fountains. I’ll never stop wishing on the first star that I see each night. I pray everyday that a lady bug will land on me. When I wipe an eyelash I’ll close my eyes and blow it away. Endlessly shaking Magic 8 balls hoping for the right answer. Always wondering if fortune tellers are actually correct. Every year on the day I was born I never forget to blow out my candles with one more wish pressed in my heart. Sometimes I make myself cry so I can wish on that first tear. My mind and body is filled on empty wishes and dreams. Though it never stops me from wishing at 11:11. I’ll still wish on white horses. I’ve never seen a shoot star, but believe me when I do, I’ll let it take my most desired wish.

My hope will never end. My imagination is filled on the simple thought of them possibly coming true because that is what we were told as kids. Our parents and elders told us to seek the world with rose colored glasses. They want us to have hope that the world is and always is a beautiful place for us. It’s hard to believe that with the thought of never holding his hand again. It’s hard to believe that with the thought of never meeting him before class again. The thought of never seeing his face when you roll to the other side of the bed. It makes the world seem cruel and punishing. Why does the world put rain clouds in our heads? Why do they make them storm our cheeks with endless tears? Why does the world watch us hurt when it’s supposed to give us butterflies and rainbows. I guess the heartbreak of Earth gives us the chance to appreciate love and kindness more. It gives us the chance to believe in a better tomorrow; to have hope that the next week will bring you the joy you have been seeking. Sadness and depression will one day turn to happiness and serotonin. Missing the one that holds your heart is unbearable pain because you have to take your heart back, but they will always have one piece of it. It's hard to stay happy with the thought of never again saying “I love yous” over the phone after a hard day. It hurts, I know. Have faith, give kindness, and try not to bow your head in sadness. You deserve all the happiness in the world, you deserve to watch all the rainbows hang over the skyline, you deserve to watch the stars until you fall asleep, and you deserve to see the world with a permanent set of rose colored glasses.

Now I’ll stop believing in wishes coming true, but I’ll save one last one just for you. My last wish is for you to come back to me, whenever that time may be; I won’t get my hopes up because I know my wishes never come true.

Disclaimer: Everyone goes through broken hearts, whether that may be relationships, friendships, or family. Every broken heart feels different to others and it is never the same. This article is for others to recognize that everyone goes through emotional distress pertaining to relationships. You are not alone in emotions like these. I wanted to share my vulnerability and personal experience to show our readers that they are not the only ones who go through these experiences. Reach out to ones you love in these difficult times. If you are in college or high school reach out to your counselors and advisors; they are there to help you. Always remember, you are never alone.

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