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Too Soon (poem)

Do I forgive? I was told you cant move on if you dont forgive But can I forgive this My life was stolen The girl I was Was stolen She was replaced With me I am not that girl Everyone grows up and changes eventually But I wasnt ready I wanted more of my childhood That was stolen Freshman year isnt marketed as The greatest year of your life But it could have been so much better If I was just a little smarter If i was just a little less naive I used to believe that everyone is good I still do But not as much I am still naive But now I view it as a weakness When I used to see it as my greatest strength Because i found the good in everything I am still trying to find the good in all of this But it seems nearly impossible I thought i found it But I was wrong I was wrong about a lot of things But I dont give up And I hate myself for it Because its Compulsive Uncontrollable My desire to fix everything And find the magic in the real world Maybe one day Ill truly wake up But for now I have to deal with Forgiveness Being stolen Being naive Being drawn to magic Where there is only dust And a dark dank room Full of nothing But disappointment

#poem #freshman #stolen

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