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Every Piece of You

You can’t solve a puzzle if it’s not in pieces The point is in the fact That all of these small pieces Fit together so perfectly To create a masterpiece The pieces fall As you dump the box Onto the table Inspect each and every one Find the corners Put them in place And rummage through the rest Sitting there for hours Days Maybe even weeks or months Trying to put this puzzle together Finding the pieces that don’t seem to fit into the picture and yet do The ones you don’t want to fit The ones you thought you lost The ones you did lose The ones with sharp edges The ones that stuck together Until you finish A forever unfinishable puzzle And you’re satisfied Until the next time you take it apart The next time you need to take it apart And every time you find yourself With new pieces And more have disappeared But you still solve it To the best your abilities Noticing the empty spaces And spend time searching for the one piece That would fit oh so perfectly Only to find the most unexpected piece It surly doesn’t fit the original picture But over the years The photo changed Sometimes it was clearer Brighter More colorful But other times it was just solid black But you still found a way around And solved the puzzle Each and every time So now You’ve put yourself back together To the best of your abilities

#poetry #puzzle #selfdiscovery #happy #inspiration #hope #improvement #change

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