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The Back Seat

The silent killer The deadliest of them all The thing that strikes out of nowhere The thing that makes your skin crawl Depression I was happy two minutes ago Laughing and joking around with my mom and dad The laughter settles I lean back in my seat And Immediately My entire mood Shifted I’m on the verge of tears But why? I have no clue Nothing bad happened Nothing has changed in the past two minutes Not anything that could change how I felt in that moment And yet Here I am Silent in the back seat Listening to tires on pavement And the subtle hymn of the music And my parents muffled chatter Breathing deeply And yet soft enough So that I dont alert my parents To my irrational meltdown But its not irrational My bodys just tired Tired of holding onto to every emotion All noises soften in my ears Until all I can hear are the tears rolling down my face And the air traveling in and out of my lungs I close my eyes And let out a final deep exhale I am in control I open my eyes The noises grow louder Until i can understand the lyrics to whatever 80s song is playing now I look up Ask to turn up the volume And start singing like an idiot Dancing like an idiot Laughing harder than a four year old

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