If you ask a high school student what their biggest issue with school is they will most likely than not say that it's the start times and their lack of sleep. Why? Typically you'll hear that it's the students' fault and that they need to make themselves fall asleep sooner so that they’ll wake up earlier. But in actuality, that just isn't the case. Teens genetically are programmed to not even get tired until eleven p.m. everyone has an internal 24-hour clock called a circadian pacemaker. This controls when your body naturally wants to sleep and wake up. A teen's circadian pacemaker has them begin to get tired around eleven and requires roughly eight to ten hours for their brain and body to perform at its best. Factor in drowsy driving, it’s the leading cause of death for the teenage population of America. Sleep is absolutely vitally important and yet we don’t give ourselves the sleep we need. As of right now not all that much can be changed about the school start times, but try to be as aware of sleeping as you can be. Participate in healthy sleep hygiene, avoid caffeine and sugar before bed, don’t use your phone an hour before bed, and overall do everything you can to give yourself the best night of sleep you can!

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