• Julianna Kustra

Music And Why It Is Magic

Hello Friends, it's Julianna again. I have been doing some serious healing recently after some physical and emotional struggles, and something hit my brain like dodgeball in middle school gym class. Music, to me atleast (and I am sure to many other people too), is very healing. My personal music taste ranges depending on the day. Some days I'm listening to Frank Sinatra and others I am listening to Broadside and With Confidence. The next week may hold some heavy metal and indie, maybe not. That being said, music come from a personal place within an artist.

My favorite band, Motionless In White, just recently released their fifth studio album titled 'Disguise', and quite frankly, it is my favorite. I can tell you exactly why too. In many interviews with the band before the release, the lead singer, Chris Motionless, talks about how they (the band) have finally found their sound and "put their everything" into this record. When sitting down to listen to it for the first time,(and the hundreds after) you can truly tell that they DID INDEED put their all into the new record.

How does this connect you may ask? Well, this band and many other artists just alike have found an outlet that they can put all emotions, negative or positive, into. I heavily advocate that EVERYONE finds something that fancies them, but music is something that connects generations and cultures across the world. I met one of my best friends at a concert. Music brings people together and can heal big wounds. When artists put everything into the ,music that they write, you can tell. It goes the same with everyday life. If you don't give it your all, you can tell if the job was sloppily or unwillingly done.

Going off of the statement that music brings people and cultures together, it can also tear people apart. With the current sustaining of "STAN culture", many fanbases for artists can be hostile. When older fans who are just there for the music and are there to support the artist have to scroll through 5 million tweets about a STAN and how they are the biggest fan and how that artist are/is their baby/babies, it can be annoying. There are different types of fans that should all have a certain amount of respect, on that exact point, I want to say that there is not one "biggest fan". Nobody should know what size underwear they wear or what their dad's uncle's middle name is. That's creepy, not cool. Everyone is there for the same reason though; the music, and people tend to forget that by focusing on the negatives too much.

Going back to putting your all into everything you do. You can only push yourself as far as you will go, and if that means you push past that bar, then that means that is the goal for you. If your goal is to just go outside of your box, that's still valid. Either way, both are not going to happen if you don't push yourself. I like to put myself in a successful musician's shoes. How much did they struggle to get here? How much did they 'not know'? How much fear did they have? I then look at them now. If they can defy their critics, I can defy mine. i

I encourage you to put your earbuds or headphones on, or turn up that speaker and just jam. Listen to something to make you feel good and remember that music is one of the most powerful forms of mag

ic in this world.

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