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Meet Future Pop Sensation: Cloe Wilder

Cloe Wilder is a 13 year old singer/songwriter making waves in the music industry starting at just 12 years old. She advocates strongly for mental illness awareness and her debut single "Overthinking" represents that connection between Cloe and mental health. "Overthinking" was produced by Grammy Winner Jason "JG" Gilbert and Grammy-nominated Jayme David Silverstein. We asked Cloe about her debut single:

CLOE: "Overthinking" is a blunt record. I was stressed about releasing it because I wasn’t sure if there was enough meaning behind it. It was one of the first songs I’d ever recorded, and I've evolved a lot since then, but it will always matter because it was my first one. I’d always wanted to make my music “relatable” and that was one of my first attempts at it, so I think that gives it a special place in my mind. It’s hard listening to songs when you’ve changed since then, so I just try to remember where it came from."

Even though she was stressed out about it, she released one of the most impactful songs of her career and while the music video was filled with stunning visuals we wanted to address the meaning behind the "Overthinking" music video:

CLOE: "We didn't go into it thinking, 'this is the video, and this is the meaning/logic behind it' because there was none of that. We shot it in Grand Cayman, which is a really special place for me. I wanted the video to be special. Visuals are super important to me, and that was the first one I’d ever made. Best 13 hours of my life."

Mental health stigma is something that many people go through whenever bringing their mental health into a conversation but Cloe Wilder wants to change ways how people view mental illnesses and how we discuss them:

CLOE: "I think that mental health is just as important as any other aspect of your health. To some, that’s obvious, but to others, it’s just something you have to deal with. I hate hearing people talk to their kids and teenagers about it as if it’s not difficult. People would take their kids/teenagers to the doctor if they’re sick. This is a sickness. People forget that sometimes. Sometimes, you have to wait until you’re in a place to explain - although it’s so hard. People aren’t always going to understand and it’s frustrating."

While focusing on her own mental health, Cloe wants to give advice and empower those that struggle with a mental illness to let them know that they are never alone in the battle:

CLOE: "I would never tell you I’m “sorry”, because there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s frustrating, so don't be afraid to ask for help. If you can bring yourself to do that, then you’re so much stronger than you know. If you can’t, take some time. Make sure you’re ready to talk about it with people you love, the people who love you … because love doesn’t always mean understanding. It doesn’t define you, but it matters."

Overthinking is one of the mental health anthems that make talking about mental health just a little easier for everyone else

While "Overthinking" was a powerhouse itself, Cloe was in the studio with Grammy-winning producer Jayme David Silverstein, The Trust these past couple months creating a Lana Del Rey vibe single called "i don't wanna" and it represents her way of saying she lost some friends in a time of her life that she deeply regrets. It's her way of remembering that moment:

CLOE: "These friends played an important role in my life. I thought they deserved this. I was told to write what I feel and I wrote this song about my friends. It’s a sore subject for me, so it was a little harder to film the music video. I think it was important, though, for me and for this audience that I’m creating, to know this story. It’s about me being a bad friend. That’s hard to admit, but that’s really what it is. This video has everything in it that I regret."

The "i don't wanna" music video is being released on Friday, August 2nd.






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