• TTH Team

COVID-19 Affecting Communities:

Curfews and shut downs are being implemented to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Many schools have shut down, as great as time off from school sounds, many children are not having the access they need to the school lunch programs. Many parents do not have around the clock daycare for their children, and not all students can go home from college/University due to the fact that some students may not have a home to go to or they are here internationally. Organizations and businesses have also taken a massive hit when it comes to volunteers scrambling to find new ways to adapt and change the way the organizations and businesses are functioning so they can continue to strive for what they work for. As much as this has impacted our mental health, we cannot forget that we are in this together! The isolation, stress, and fear that some of us may feel is a totally natural responds to a situation like this. Please limit watching the news that may cause your anxiety or stress. Although it is important to still stay informed of the ongoing situation. Please take the proper precautions necessary to protect yourselves and others.

Written By: Alexia Tinez