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COVID-19 Survival Guide:

So you’ve been infected by the spooky virus known as COVID-19, or formally known as the “Coronavirus” . That’s okay cause TTH is here to help guide you through some steps you may wanna take! Step 1 - Make sure your hygiene is up to date, making sure your hands, face, and body is washed is extremely important. Did you know the Coronavirus can live for more than 2 hours outside of the body unlike the normal Influenza? That makes this virus one of the most spreadable diseases to date. So making sure you’re all clean is the best thing to do, now this doesn’t mean you’re fully protected from Corona. This just helps you not spread it or catch it as easily as others who don’t wash their hands. Step 2 - Make sure to contact a doctor immediately, if you are having heavy sweats, slight fever, coughing, or any other symptom of a Flu like scenario, then make sure you go to the nearest hospital or contact a doctor. DO NOT WAIT! If kept under right circumstances you will be in the OK. Step 3 - Make sure not to go out as much, now I know it may suck you wanna go out with friends go to a dinner party and hey IT’S SPRING BREAK. But sadly it is how it is, there will be other times to go out with friends and other times to go to the beach and other spring breaks. Hanging out in large groups is a bad idea, you could be possibly spreading it to others or others might be giving it to you. Step 4 - Got bored staying inside all day? Well then here are some ideas and tips that you can do while the spooky disease is roaming the streets. *Learn a new language *Learn an instrument *Watch Youtube/Netflix all day while eating pizza rolls ( that’s what I do! ) *Cook a yummy meal *Clean under your bed (come on we all know you’ve been procrastinating it all week) *READ MORE TTH ARTICLES AND CHECK OUT THE NEW WEBSITE *Learn a new hobby *Work on school work (oh wait nevermind, it’s closed) Finding something to do inside is extremely important, staying away from outside right now is important, Now i’m not saying fully stay away but try not to go outside as much as usual Well boys and girls those were my 4 steps on how to protect yourself from COVID - 19. Stay safe kiddos!

Written by: Logan Bourdon

Disclaimer: All content within this article are for entertaining purposes and should not be taken as professional advice.

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