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How I Feel About COVID-19:

I am going to be honest. I feel like my life has kind of halted a bit since the COVID-19 outbreak. It makes me very mad because I love going outside. I love exploring. And I can not do that. My mom is constantly worrying which is so understandable. My moms and dads’ immune systems are very weak so they cannot risk getting corona. At first, I was being immature and wanting to go to the mall, which is a huge hot spot for corona. Then my friend’s mom called me and expressed her concerns and I changed.

I decided I will not be in huge public spaces because I can not risk getting other people sick who might not be able to fight off the disease. I am really frustrated though because my mom set a rule for not leaving the house at all. I can’t even go to my friends house.

I understand her concerns but now I feel like doing the simplest things have made me feel like why the heck does my life have to be halted. We do have to be careful though. We do not know who that one friend we see have been around. And who that person they see has been around and it’s a domino effect.

BUT I see opportunity in this. Now instead of using my time to go outside a lot and explore. I can do other things that I haven’t gotten to since I have all this time. I am going to learn about the stock market, I am teaching myself about foreign exchange. I might even learn a new instrument that my sister has. Honestly seeing that I can try new stuff gets me very calm. There is always an opportunity within something negative. Also, I hate being bored so I am in a position where I can easily be bored so I am finding new things to occupy myself. I can use this opportunity to better myself by learning something new that will help me in the long run. Let’s also keep in mind the kids that do not have food to eat and a safe place because school provided that. A lot of my anger also comes from that I need to be in my household with very toxic people that I didn’t have to deal with when I went to school. But I am staying in there.

I am not letting this corona virus outbreak BREAK ME. God will make this a blessing. It is your choice if you want to make this a downside or an upside. It won’t be easy, but I feel like this situation that we are in will all open our eyes and teach us a lesson. Either about us or something else. But stay in there and keep swimming. Everything will be alright.

Written By: Alexa Suazo

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