Life At Its Finest

Love Fear Passion Dreams The journey I want them all I need them all I want my love for someone To grow and grow But not before My love for someone else Breaks and shatters before me Leaving me with nothing but tears And the memories It’ll make me stronger And love you Just that much more And you’ll replace those memories Make me cry From laughter From anger From everything in between But I’ll still love you I want to feel that fear Of taking that risk Doing what I never thought I could Feeling the judgment from everyone around me Feeling the pressure Fearing the outcome of those risks I want to follow my passion But not without hesitation There have to be obstacles To prove me to It is my passion To make me fight for it I want my dreams To come and go Stick around for a while Until a bigger and better one can take its place To never let me quit These dreams will take me to cloud nine And beyond But there will be nightmares Trying to shut me down Trying to send me away on a big scary train Back to the beginning Square one Making itself my home until I can dream again And the nightmares fade I want the journey life takes you on I want the good The bad The scary The absolute disgusting And the over beauty That life is That is what I want

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