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Teen Talk Hotline Partners with Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation for #BeKind21


The Campaign Calls on Participants to Practice Acts of Kindness for 21 Days This September

August 18, 2020 – Today, Teen Talk Hotline and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation – with support from 165 additional partners – announced the launch of Born This Way Foundation’s third annual #BeKind21 Campaign. As communities across the world face the trauma of a pandemic, the ongoing racial inequalities, and a host of global challenges, this year’s campaign has been uniquely designed to be responsive to today’s movements, to showcase that kindness is not an empty gesture; rather, kindness is a verb. To be kind is to speak up. To be kind is to prioritize your mental wellness. To be kind is to advocate for a world that values, validates, and respects all people.

From September 1st to September 21st, the Campaign invites schools and colleges, corporate partners, non-profit partners, and all other participants to integrate kindness in their daily lives. This year’s #BeKind21 Campaign will build on last year’s effort during which, with support from over 130 partners, 1.6 million participants from around the world generated over 41 million acts of kindness.

"Teen Talk Hotline is proud to partner with the Born This Way Foundation on their #BeKind21 campaign, spreading much-needed kindness in a time when hatred and negativity have been so normalized. We hope to bring forth the good in the world so that the youth can benefit from it and foster it for future generations." - Blake Newborn, Executive Director of Teen Talk Hotline

Teen Talk Hotline will participate in the challenge by activating our volunteer network of 164 young people in an effort to spread kindness through online initiatives. Also partnering on the challenge are more than 165 schools, nonprofit organizations, government institutions, sports teams, and corporations across the country.

“While our world is different this year, our mission has never been more important,” said Cynthia Germanotta, Co-Founder and President of Born This Way Foundation. “Simple acts of kindness will go a long way in a time when so many are searching for connection and hope. Kindness is powerful, and together we can create a movement to build a future that is kinder, braver, and more just for all.”

Studies have found that performing acts of kindness can boost happiness (Dunn, Aknin, & Norton 2008) and increase feelings of self-worth and calm while decreasing feelings of depression (UC Berkeley, Greater Good Science Center). Born This Way Foundation's research found that young people who describe their environments as kind are more likely to be mentally healthy. That's true for youth in high schools, colleges, and workplaces.

This year’s #BeKind21 Campaign will build on last year’s effort during which, with support from over 130 partners, 1.6 million participants engaged in over 41 million acts of kindness. Individuals who take the pledge will receive exclusive kindness suggestions, tips, and inspiration from Born This Way Foundation’s co-founders and partners, and have a chance to be featured on


About Born This Way Foundation

Led by Lady Gaga and her mother Cynthia Germanotta, Born This Way Foundation was founded in 2012 to support the wellness of young people and empower them to create a kinder and braver world. To achieve these goals, Born This Way Foundation leverages evidence-based research and authentic partnerships in order to provide young people with kinder communities, improved mental health resources, and more positive environments – online and offline. To learn more, visit

About Teen Talk Hotline

Founded by Blake Newborn at age 15, Teen Talk Hotline is a youth-led organization aiming to educate youth about the issues that they are facing in today’s society. We help, inspire, and empower our youth through initiatives that highlight the importance of such issues while also developing partnerships with schools, nonprofits, and resources for the benefit of young people. To learn more, visit

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