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Setting Goals

March 6, 2016



When we set goals for ourselves, ultimately it's because we desire to attain the result. When we are setting our goals it's important that we remove our distractions  and anything irrelevant because goal setting requires our keen and undoubtedly insightful attention. Ambitious goals result in out-standing achievements, always keep that in the back of your minds. Advice that I have for all of you is 1.) Write your goal down, 2.) Divide that goal into separate individual accomplishments and last but not least conquer them one step at a time. You've got to turn the invisible into the visible. Do not meek your standards to goal setting you have to improvise them. Another great idea that I have seen floating across the internet is making a goals list for every year that you have to accomplish before your birthday and they're just little goals but they all build up into one big result that you will be proud of.

This brings me to a point, if any of you tell someone what your intentions are when it comes to your goals and they try to drag you down and degrade you because they think you cant do something, do it and prove them wrong. Do it because you know that deep down in your heart you can do it. A positive mind leads to a positive outcome. If you stay determined enough and keep your head on straight you can do anything you put your mind to. Those who say that you cant do something are more than likely the people that are jealous because you will accomplish it and they wont. Think of it this way your constant determination will get you somewhere someday and all of your hard work is going to pay off, yes there are going to be days where you're not going to want to get out of your bed  and not do anything but sometimes the worst days can end up being some of your best days because days like these are the days we learn the most important lessons about ourselves. Utilize these days, learn the most you can about yourself and take these moments as an opportunity to blossom into an even more beautiful person that you already are today

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