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Too Soon (poem)

April 20, 2019



Do I forgive?
I was told you cant move on if you dont forgive 
But can I forgive this 
My life was stolen 
The girl I was 
Was stolen 
She was replaced 
With me 
I am not that girl 
Everyone grows up and changes eventually 
But I wasnt ready 
I wanted more of my childhood 
That was stolen
Freshman year isnt marketed as 
The greatest year of your life
But it could have been so much better 
If I was just a little smarter 
If i was just a little less naive 
I used to believe that everyone is good
I still do 
But not as much 
I am still naive 
But now I view it as a weakness
When I used to see it as my greatest strength
Because i found the good in everything 
I am still trying to find the good in all of this 
But it seems nearly impossible
I thought i found it 
I was wrong 
I was wrong about a lot of things
But I dont give up 
And I hate myself for it 
Because its 
My desire to fix everything
And find the magic in the real world 
Maybe one day Ill truly wake up 
But for now 
I have to deal with 
Being stolen
Being naive 
Being drawn to magic 
Where there is only dust
And a dark dank room 
Full of nothing 
But disappointment 



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