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Every Piece of You

April 25, 2019




You can’t solve a puzzle if it’s not in pieces
The point is in the fact
That all of these small pieces
Fit together so perfectly
To create a masterpiece
The pieces fall
As you dump the box
Onto the table
Inspect each and every one
Find the corners
Put them in place
And rummage through the rest
Sitting there for hours
Maybe even weeks or months
Trying to put this puzzle together
Finding the pieces that don’t seem to fit into the picture and yet do
The ones you don’t want to fit
The ones you thought you lost
The ones you did lose
The ones with sharp edges
The ones that stuck together
Until you finish
A forever unfinishable puzzle
And you’re satisfied
Until the next time you take it apart
The next time you need to take it apart
And every time you find yourself
With new pieces
And more have disappeared
But you still solve it
To the best your abilities
Noticing the empty spaces
And spend time searching for the one piece
That would fit oh so perfectly
Only to find the most unexpected piece
It surly doesn’t fit the original picture
But over the years
The photo changed
Sometimes it was clearer
More colorful
But other times it was just solid black
But you still found a way around
And solved the puzzle
Each and every time
So now
You’ve put yourself back together
To the best of your abilities

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